Here I Go Again On My Own

Here I Go Again On My Own


Everyone should travel alone at least once. Traveling on your own has a freeing element to it.  You have no one to please, and can be completely selfish with your planning…or lack of.

When you travel with others, you have to keep their feelings in mind. There is a certain amount of compromise needed to keep the mood friendly.  It’s only fair, you may want to adventure out, and they want to lay by the beach, so you make time for both…what a drag. 😉 Just kidding, I love travelling with my friends and loved ones, just not every trip.

While I enjoy a day or so of just relaxing during my travels, I mostly enjoy exploring the area. I like to be on the move and take it all in.  It makes me feel anxious when I am wasting vacation doing nothing.  I suppose I feel like I only have a short amount of time at any one destination, and I want to pack as much in my days as possible. There are always more interesting things to see and do than you can fit into one trip, so I feel as though each moment sitting is just less I get to see.

Not everyone feels like me. Some people like to escape their hectic everyday lives and just find somewhere to plop down and relax. I can appreciate that, but it is not my style.

Shopping is also not my style. Not really anyway, nothing other than some souvenirs or necessities for the trip.  I should say I dislike “big store” shopping, as I do enjoy going to open air markets and antique shops, and finding souvenirs there if possible.  But I avoid the malls and big shopping centers at all cost.

So this is where solo trips come in. In my opinion, everyone should travel alone at least once a year.  Not only do you get to design a vacation exclusively to your liking, but your time to yourself helps you grow as well.  Spending time alone, helps you be fully aware of who you are, without any influence.

I have learned a lot about myself through travel. For example, I had no idea I was adventurous.  Sounds ridiculous right? Well it wasn’t until I took my first tropical vacation that I realized that I was bored just sitting on the beach.  When I go somewhere new I want to meet the people, try the food, and find the adventure. I seek out activities like exploring caves, zip lining, and snorkeling with Manta Rays.  I enjoy doing things that get the adrenaline going, or at least fulfill my need for new experiences. These breaks from every day life of taking care of others, are what send me home feeling revived and ready to tackle real life again.  Near the end of my trip, I will spend a relaxing day at the beach appreciating my wonderful week or two in paradise, and that is enough for me.  Before I know it, it’s time to go home.  I leave with a smile and a full heart.  I return home happy and my soul renewed.

Take it from me. Plan to go somewhere on your own this year. Choosing yourself and spending even a few days doing exactly what you want, will bring you home happier. And who wouldn’t appreciate a happier version of you?

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